Sunday, August 26, 2012


I was filming another YouTube video and got a lil glam!. This is my look for the video and I'll put the link below so you can watch another contest entry. I am addicted to hair so I enter a lot of contests. Though I have only won one contest for hair and it was on Facebook, I really want to win some more. Who doesn't want FREE HAIR!

Mini Shoe Haul

I was looking for some closed flats for my new job, which is part time in a department store. I usually always work two jobs, but schoolhad got hetic so I have the time now. I looked around for some cheap black shoes because I do not have any closed toe flat shoes. I found these.
The shoes were 2 for $20 so I got these cute ones too! Both came from Rainow and I wear a 7 1/2. It was such a good deal I'll be back!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Oldie, but a Goodie!

This video is a couple of months old, but it's the 2nd most viewed video on my YouTube Channel! Its my take on different brands of hair. Take a look!!!!

I am a Glam Ambassador!

I won! I am a Glam Ambassador for Vivica FOX hair. A few months ago I entered the contest by uploading a few of my YouTube videos. 19 wonderful women won and Im extra happy because many of the ladies actually have way more subscribers on YouTube than me! I am so excited and just wanted to share my good news!I will also be in Hype Hair Magazine next month!!!
These are all the ladies who won: Adrina Ragland – El Cajon, CA Alicia and Elise Griffin – El Cajon, CA Annalisa Shelling – Columbus, GA Ateya Richard – Beaumont, TX Brittany N. Simpson – Beaumont, TX Cherii Palet – Belleville, IL Ebony C. Princess – Nashville, TN Erica Ndao – Fairfield, CT Gloria Jackson – Philadelphia, PA Jasmine O’Neal – Gainesville, FL Lady Merneen Spearman – Houston, TX La’sondra Ginn – Grandview, MO Mercedes Veasy – Waldorf, MD Monique Lee – Oxon Hill, MD Mylinda Segrest – Crown Point, IN Nina Stevenson – Louisville, KY Nyla Solomon – Ruffin, SC Tiffany Wells – Salinas, CA

Thursday, August 23, 2012

OOTD: Colorblocking!

I was filming a video for my YouTube page for an OOTD contest and I just wanted to show my wonderful bloggers my outfit. I love color blocking, even when others feel I am not matching. Here it goes:
Shirt: Forever 21 $4.80 Pants: Macys $19.99 Belt: Hair Store $1.99 Jessica Simpsons: Dillards $35.00 Purse: Ross $10.99 Earrings: Boutique $10.00 Rose Gold Watch: Ebay $16.00

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Christian Louboutin Unbout Illusion Pump Dupe

<p>These are the Christian Unbout Illusion Pumps that all the celebrities are rocking. The prices are a too steep for most of us running for $795 a pair, but they are just too cute and makes you think about dipping into your savings. has come up with their on illusion pumps,which is great for us bargainfashionistas! calls their dupe Cap Toe heels and a pair only cost $22.60. What a steal!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Same Girl, Different Hair

 This is my new install! It's Mongolian Curly from Iconic Locs. I won this hair in a contest on facebook. This is my first time with curly hair, especially virgin curly hair. It takes a lot of maintenance, but the out come is gorgeous. I have had it in for a couple of weeks and I like it alot. But I do miss my straight hair...Its calling me telling me it wants me back lol!
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Small Mac Haul

I won a contest on YouTube many months ago. I finally recieved my winnings, which was a $50 Mac gift card. You could only use it online so I ordered exactly $50 worth of makeup. I only paid for the tax! Here is what I got!

Lipgloss: Love Nectar
Blush: Mocha
Eye Shadow: Mythology

I been gone for a minute now I'm back at the jump off!

I have never been a "true" blogger, but I read them on a daily. I love reading about hair, fashion, make up and juicy gossip. So I'm going to bring this to my blog. I graduated with a B.S. in family Studies and I just on the look out for a job. I currently have been working at my job for 4 years, but now I'm got the degree so...I honestly think my calling is in helping people.O and something with things I& imnbsp; <3! Im back at it with full force. More youtube videos and blogging. Stay Tuned!!!