Monday, May 30, 2011


I went out for a night on the town. I had a good time even though no one was there. I still was cute!
Shirt (actually a dress): Forever 21 $19.80
Color Blocking Skirt: Rue 21 $12.99
Black Shoes: Rue 21 $5
Black Belt: No Idea
Lime Green Feather Earrings: Rue 21 $7.99

 My friend LaTrece I helped style the FIT!
Black Dress: Target $14.99
Miltary Green Jacket: Rainbow $5
Earrings (HOT): Rainbow $5.99

Finds at My Local Beauty Supply Store

This is all the items I purchased today. I hardly ever buy makeup from the BSS, but I wanted to try something new so I went to my closet store and purchased a few items.

 Kleancolor pallete named Opposites Attract $2.99

Kleancolor Multi- Color Blush $2.99

Santee Doll and Electric Eyes Coal Black Mascara and Eyeline $1.99

I also bought a makeup bag and some earrings which were super cheap!

A Few Shoes From My Collection

I have an addiction to shoes and these are a few from my broad collection :-)

I actually purchaes these from Citi Trends out of all places. I love these and I think they were $19.99. They hurt like hell but they still are CUTE!

I purchased these for Rainbow for 5 bucks, yes 5 bucks. they are sooo different and extremly high heel.

The Guess shoes came from Macy's. Regularly priced $90 I purcahsed them for $30 and the bottoms are pink. I've only worn them once but when I walked in all eyes were on my shoes.

I would wear these everyday if I could because they are sooooo comfortable and were only $12.50 from Rue 21.

I could not find nude pumps any where around town until I went to Target and purchased them for $30. I wear these everywhere because I feel they go with anything and they do.

These are my newbes. I got them from a local store called It's Fashions. They hurt a little but they are too darn cute. Then they are bootie wedges. HOT! Only $13 and they since they are tan can go with anything.

A Perfect Find

I found this at Ross for $9.99! Yes 10 bucks. Its soooo cute the purple, pink, turquoise, and yellow makes this the perfect summer essential. Plus its real roomy. Enough for all my junk lol!