Tuesday, January 1, 2013

It's 2013!

I am very thankful to be alive for another year! My year in 2012 was probably the worst year of my life, it really didn't go well at all. The best thing was I finally graduated from college. It took me years to accomplish that dream, but I did it. I'm going to try and move past this last year and look towards the new year!

Resolutions: 1) Cook More. I eat out way too much. Eating out is expensive.
2) Only buy clothes, shoes and accessories when i'm going some where. I shop just because. When I'm mad or upset I shop. If I'm bored I shop. If I'm happy I shop. I just need to quit.
3) Calm down! I can make a situation bigger when there is no need. I do it all the time. I need to stop it lol.
4) Fix my attitude. Just that. Point, blank, period!
5) Be a better me!