Monday, December 31, 2012

Rhianna/ Megan Good Hair Tutorial

Since I cut my hair I have been experimenting in trying to do it myself. It is a very trying time because I am used to long hair. Here is a tutorial of me succesfully completing a look!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Hair Styles of 2012

I change my hair alot!!! Here are just a few pictures of hair styles I have had in 2012!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Zara Sandal Dupe

I know, I know, another ZARA dupe. I have seen so many bloggers and celebrities with these sandals .Why?! Because they cheap! These sandals cost a little under $50, so many people have pair. I was doing a little shopping today and saw these at Rainbow. These sandals are $19.99 and are very similar. They also have a lower heel so you can wear them on a every day basis.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

New Flat Irons Plugged In

<p>I am a hoarder of plenty of things and one nobody knows about is curling irons. I have every flat iron, curling iron, curling wand you can think of, but for some reason i use the same flat iron every day. I purchased a GVP flat iron about 3 years ago after a CHI iron broke on me after a few months. My GVP is great, but since i cut my hair i needed a smaller one. I happened to go into Sally's for some hair dye and came upon this great bundle deal . Plus they were real fancy! I have heard about this brand but have never tried it. These Pluged In flat Irons are HOt! Literally, these things smoke . The smallest one really gets to the roots and since my hair is short it gets the job done. I give these a A++!


I love finding new apps on my phone ...i get bored really easy. I created this awesome photo!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

It's Christmas! I am never in the Christmas mode. Blame it on my attitute (especially after the past few months I have had). But its Christmas and I spend it each year with my family. Here's my OOTD!

Leopard Leggings: Citi Trends, Red boots: Just In, Black Tank: Forever 21, Black Shrug: Macy's, Belt: Aliexpress, Necklace: Forever21 , Watch: Dillards, Earrings: Hair Store

OOTD: Christimas Work Party

The only day out of the year at my job that I can I wear something besides scrubs is the day of the Christmas Party! I work for a docotrs office, but we are a very big company. We have a lot of offices, doctors, nurses, labs, just a bunch. My job rents out a resteraunt for all othe employees to eat for free. Other than that we wear scrubs everyday.
Shirt: Macys, Jacket: Macy's, Pants: Target, Belt: Aliexpress, Shoes: Citi Trends, Earrings: Rainbow, Necklace: Rainbow

OOTN: Laid Back Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve and you have no where to go, no gifts to wrap and no children...what do you do?! You go out for margaritas DUH!!!! Me and the BF decided to go to one of our favorite (cheap) resteraunts for happy hour on Christmas Eve. Here is the OOTN (sans makeup)! Oh and excuse the ashyness too!
Bracelet: Dillards $10, Watch: Ros $5, Jacket: Dilllards, Jeans: Target, Shirt: Forver 21, Purse: Ross, Shoes: Rainbos $10.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

U-Part Wig Fried, DYED, and Laid to the Side with Vivica Fox Ocean Wave

I am a Glam Ambassador for Vivica Fox hair. Being a Glam Ambassador gives me the opprotunity to try different types of hair from their company. The company sends you hair to review ever so often. This time I was sent 2 packages of 18in 1B Ocean Wave. I actually dyed the hair black after I made my U-Part wig, because when I cut my hair I dyed my hair jet black. The 1B was very brown, it would never match my hair color. After dying and washing the hair, the curl did go to more of a stretched out wave, than what the hair looked like before washing it. Here is a picture of my U-Part. You don't have to have loooong har to get a weave. Wig it until you have enough to braid for a sew in or just wear wigs. With wearing wigs you are able to get to your natural hair more freely than you could with a sew in!

$1 Earring Haul

Since I cut my hair I knew I needed lots of ear candy! Im balling on a budget! I lose or break most of my earrings so I will not purchase any accessories that are too expensive. I went to one of my local beauty supply stores and did a little mini haul. Each pair cost $1. I love this store for their earrings, but I hate the store for their prices for their hair. I love arm candy, but I type all day and typing with bracelets on erks me!!!! So I rather match my watch and earrings to whatever scrubs of the day I'm wearing.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Zara Plaited Shopper Dupe

Everyone who knows me knows that I am a shopaholic, but I am a shopaholic on an extremley small budget! I saw this purse on many beauty bloggers and wanted this purse to the max.
It's from the store Zara and it's the Plaited Shopper. It's $149.00. I switch purses alot. So for this regular looking purse I would NEVER pay $150. Thats crazy. Soooooooo I went online to look for something similar and this is the great find that I found!
I actually found it on ebay. Ebay and Aliexpress have plenty of sellers that are out of the U.S. and if you search you can find anything you need for a much CHEAPER price. I spent less than $20 on this purse. Yes less than $20. It took a few weeks to get to me, but for that price it could have taken a few months. All I did was type into the Ebay search engine plaited shopper and BAM there it was. There are plenty of sellers,but I just choose one based on their ratings and I am really enjoying my purse.

I have 500 subbies!!!

Whats up peeps! Guess what???? I finally have reached 500 subscribers on my YouTube page!!!!!! It's really exciting because who knew 500 people would want to watch me. I know its not much especially to the "gurus" who have 50,000+ subscribers, but to me im very grateful and cant wait to see when I can get 500 more!!!!!!
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OOTN: Pink Saturday

I go on more dates with my boyfriend than I do actually going out to the club! We went for 55 cents maragritas and we decided to go at the last minute. Plus I was being rushed by the bf so this is a quick look at the out fit that I wore!
Shirt: Forever 21 $10.80 Pants: H&M $12.95 SHoes: Target $5.88 Neclace: Rainbow $5.99 Earrings: H&M $1.95