Tuesday, December 18, 2012

U-Part Wig Fried, DYED, and Laid to the Side with Vivica Fox Ocean Wave

I am a Glam Ambassador for Vivica Fox hair. Being a Glam Ambassador gives me the opprotunity to try different types of hair from their company. The company sends you hair to review ever so often. This time I was sent 2 packages of 18in 1B Ocean Wave. I actually dyed the hair black after I made my U-Part wig, because when I cut my hair I dyed my hair jet black. The 1B was very brown, it would never match my hair color. After dying and washing the hair, the curl did go to more of a stretched out wave, than what the hair looked like before washing it. Here is a picture of my U-Part. You don't have to have loooong har to get a weave. Wig it until you have enough to braid for a sew in or just wear wigs. With wearing wigs you are able to get to your natural hair more freely than you could with a sew in!

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