Saturday, February 16, 2013

Celine ID Necklace Dupe

What's up my fashionitas! I have been wanting a ID neclace ever since I saw Rhianna and Kim Kardashion rocking one. Now I never spend much on anything, especially jewlery. I saw many companys selling dupes for the necklace, but I saw no reason to pay a lot of money because I knew I would not wear that much. I went to my favorite place to shop for one where I knew I would not pay much. That place is Aliexpress. All of those little companies obviously purchase them wholesale, so going on will get it at that price.
I purchased a rose gold necklace. I paid less than $6! Yes six bucks! Its not very heavy or sturdy like the real one would be. It feels plastic, but you can not tell unless you touch it.

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