Tuesday, June 18, 2013

"Cruel Summer" Sandals by Giuseppe Zanotti DUPE

Cruel Summer Giuseppe Zanotti shoes are $1695. They are some of the hottest shoes that all of the stars are wearing because they were the result of a collab with Kanye West.  They are gorgeous, but I would never save my coins for one pair of shoes. While bargain shopping, which is all I do, I came across these beauties.  They are very similar to the "Cruel Summer" sandals but only in looks. I purchased these shoes at Rue 21 for $5! Yes $5! I knew I hit the jack pot. They also come in white. Im not a big fan of white shoes,  but I think I might go back and get them.  As you know the "Cruel Summer" sandals also come in white.  Great shoes for a great price. It doesn't cost that much to be fashionable!

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