Monday, October 14, 2013

You have to Love yourself first!

I know you have all seen the Burlington commercial where people say out loud, out of no where, there best attributes. The commercial is hilarious to me because I do that.  Sometimes I tell me self your a people person or girl your super smart. I give myself compliments all the time. Crazy right!!! But that's the thing you have to give yourself props before waiting on somebody else to. You may know your doing a great job at work and nobody says anything or your a great mother and your children and husband never give you thanks or your having a bad day and nobody seems to be worried. Guess what you know your there for yourself and you are doing a great job in whatever you do. Give your self confidence by knowing you can do anything for yourself by yourself. You have to love yourself first. Anything after that is up to you. I make sure to buy myself gifts and look in the mirror and tell myself girl your a 10! I learned to love me and it makes me a happier me!

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