Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My New Purse Find

I wanted a nude purse for the summer and I found one!

This Steve Madden Purse I have been wanting and searching for months. I saw it at my local Macy's but when I went back to get it (when I knew it was on sale) it was gone, so I purchased the black one. I was so excited when I walked into Ross the other day and saw it, so I just had to buy it. It told me too.LOL "Buy Me NOW"! Really the price did. The way that its shaped is basically the shape almost all my purses are. Reminds me of an LV Speedy bag.

Reguarly $88.00 it was marked for $36.99. More than half the original price. I did a lil dance and put it in the cart.

This is the black one I purchased from Macy's awhile ago. I actually purchased it for $40. I get compliments everytime I wear it because its a really nice bag. I love the gold detailing and the pink inside.

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