Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sensual Indian Remy Passion Wave Hair

I visted my local beauty store trying to find some wet and wavy hair to do my first instilation of a sew in. I was advised to try this hair because it was cheap and managable.
This is the hair when I first put it in. It held curls for maybe 3 days and then after that they wouldn't hold. It doesnt blend well with my hair because its more of a silky texture than my own hair, but it looked nice. It shed and tangled even after wrapping it at night.

This is the hair after I wet it. The curl pattern was very nice and I used Wet and Wavy Wet Gel. The next day it had dried out and looked like a big fro. I found Wave Noveau Moiturizing Finishing Lotion worked the best and didn't dry out the hair. I give the hair a B-.

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