Saturday, November 17, 2012

OOTN: Ruby Woo and Skulls!!!

Another night out on the town. I just had to wear my lipstick by MAC: Ruby Woo. I actually lined my lips with another lipstick by Wet n Wild called Cherry Bomb and filled my lips in with Ruby Woo. I was really, really, feeling my self. Even though I felt I wasted an outfit because it was a boring night, I still looked HOT and the outfit will be recyled!
Shirt: Body Central $19.99 Pants: Rainbow $19.99 Shoes: Citi Trends $24.99 Belt: Aliexpress $5.00 Purse: Citi Trends $9.99 Watch: Ross $4.99 Neclace: $9.99 Earrings: $4.99 Check it out on my YouTube Channel!

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