Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hair Update

I know by the picture your thinking dang what's up with her head. I previously had a sew in for 7 weeks and was going to leave it in for another 4 weeks. My boyfriend could not stand the hair I had in because it was constantly shedding and was every where.  It was mostly my fault because I bought store bought "virgin" hair and treated it like it was virgin.  I dyed the hair twice, then bleached it, then dyed it black. So I put some stress on it lol. My cousin in law helped me cut it out and im glad she was there. I had micro links and a net. My hair had started to dread up in the back and because my hair had been cut so short before the sew in my hair was natural as you can tell in the picture. With micro links you need a special tool to take out which I did not have so we ended up cutting the links out. I got a cut and a perm but my hair was so thick it hardly took. I wont be getting any micro links anytime soon. My hair had grown out some but the back had to be cut because of those links. Im back to step one. I want healthy hair so im going to try and let it breath and not use too much heat because my hair can not take anymore hurting!

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