Thursday, May 9, 2013

Same Girl Different Hair

Do you like it short or long? Me, I personally love long. Do people look at you differently because you wear weave? This question was brought to my attention.  I love weave.  It gives me the ability to be any one I want to be. One day I might want Beyonce or K. Michele hair. It`s a preference. I personally don't feel people look down on me because I wear weave,  but someone told me people do. I literally lol because when you meet me my 22in looks like mine.  This weave is conserving my real hair and I look great rocking it! Whats your preference?


  1. You know me. I always wear weave. In fact I wear it so much people think its mine. I do want to try out short hair but I been saying that a few years so...... maybe one day! lol! As far as what other think....don't really care lol!! People always judge.

    1. And people do judge all the time...I love hair in general so I know you and I feel the same lol it was just brought to my attention and I was mad!