Monday, August 5, 2013

Anticipating my Future!

Today would have been my 5 year anniversary working at my old job..I worked as a receptionist at a doctor's office and went to school almost the entire time I worked there. 2 1/2 years I worked part time at Macy's and still was a full time student while working full time at the doctor's office. It was a constant struggle at my job because they saw me striving for what I wanted and some people really rather you not get there. I had many people "hating" at the job, no you can't leave for school or basically trying to steal my shine. Honestly at every job I've had since I started working at 16 years old I always had the one person who made it their mission to do whatever possible to break me or get me fired. I may have let some break me, but I know I have a purpose. I knew my purpose was not to work in that office forever where people got obvious better treatment than the next. I knew i could do better. I was constantly at a breaking point,  but I did get the call I needed. I've been working at my new job now almost 5 months. It's hectic and totally different than what I had been doing, but it's a start in my career. My point is don't let anyone stop your dreams from coming true. I still have many obstacles they stop me on a daily, but I try my hardest to get over them. I just strive for my next dream or goal after I achieve one. Im anticipating my future! 

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